Official launch of the Adriatic42 project on October 28

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The Adriatic 42 project will be officially opened on October 28, and one of the largest yachts in the world, Black Pearl, will be the first to be overhauled, announced Chairman of Adriatic 42, Capt. Rado Antolović, PhD.

During the preceding months, preparations for the formal launch of the project were under way at the Adriatic42. Can you tell us when the official start of operation is expected?

Thanks to the tremendous work, investments, dedication and perseverance in the past few months, I am pleased to announce the official opening of the Adriatic42 project on October 28. On that day, Montenegro will get a unique facility for the refit and maintenance of mega yachts, and it will be the start of a new era of development of the yachting industry in this country. This will also mean that in one of the safest ports in the world – Boka Kotorska, yacht owners will have a prestigious port for superyachts – Porto Montenegro and a place for their overhaul by the highest world standards – Adriatic42.

Is there, at this moment, the interest of clients in the overhaul in Adriatic42 and what kind of services will you offer them from October?

Although the project has not been officially opened, we have a great interest from clients and already agreed on the work to be done in Adriatic42. I can announce that one of the largest yachts in the world, Black Pearl, is the first to be overhauled in our dock. It is a huge wind in the sails for all of us and a confirmation of how strong Montenegro and this part of the Mediterranean needed the revitalization of shipbuilding and overhaul, but now in a modern and innovative way. During the first year of operation, our goal is to serve 14 superyachts, and to increase the number to 109 within a period of five years.

We have great ambitions as we create the prerequisites for each of our clients to receive world-class service. In order to make this possible, through investments of over 40 million euros, we have provided the best infrastructure such as a multi-million new generation floating dock, 180 meters long, 37 meters wide with a capacity of ten thousand tons of cargo vessels, which allows it to accommodate the largest world yachts. The dock, as well as numerous other important investments, will provide clients with services such as docking and lifting of ships, works such as sanding, painting and various mechanical repairs. The international standards that we bring to Bijela have been developed for years in one of the world’s largest port overhaul facilities, DryDock in Dubai.

3. During the presentation of the Adriatic42 project, you stressed environmental protection in particular. In what way will you enable this part of Boka Kotorska to be protected in an ecological sense?

As important as it is to us that our clients receive the best refit service, it is just as important that the entire process follows the highest level of safety and environmental protection. The overhaul in Adriatic42, will not be based on the principle of sandblasting, which has damaged the ecological environment here for years, we are replacing it with processes that are exclusively based on water. We will use alternative energy sources, and the equipment will be completely energy efficient. We will have specially developed management policies for the protection of health, safety, the environment and quality, which will be harmonized with national requirements, but also with strict international standards. We also plan to build special “green” zones and install noise reduction equipment. Therefore, our priority above all will be the protection of the environment, and we do not deviate from that.

4. How many people are employed on the project so far and are they people from Montenegro?

The Adriatic42 project not only brings the development of the yachting industry, but will also affect the local community and the economic prosperity of the city, as well as the whole of Montenegro. Currently, over 75 people are employed on the project, and by the end of October the number will increase to 100. Our goal is to employ up to 200 people by 2023. These figures best show the direct impact our investment will have on the local community, the creation of new jobs and the professional training and education of people for new, modern occupations in the shipbuilding and overhaul industry.

We are working to ensure that numerous domestic experts from various fields get their chance and give their professional contribution. We know what kind of tradition the former Shipyard in Bijela had and we want to use all the professional potential to jointly transform this place, return it to its former glory and position it on the map of modern, recognized and reliable locations for overhauling superyachts. Also, we have already established cooperation with numerous domestic contractors, who will also be part of the project and get their important professional chance. We have combined the vast experience of experts from Dubai who help the local team in laying the foundations for business development and it is already bringing results.

5. Are you satisfied with the support you received from state and local institutions when it comes to project development?

In the previous period, the support was comprehensive from all levels and this inevitably influenced the fact that we can officially launch the project this October. Our impression is that all important authorities, starting with the President of the State, the Prime Minister, the President of the Municipality of Herceg Novi and numerous other institutions, recognized how crucial it is to provide full cooperation to the consortium consisting of Adriatic Marinas – Porto Montenegro and DryDocks World Dubai, which through Adriatic42 bring international yachting expertise in Montenegro. It is very good that, at the very beginning, we were recognized as an investment that will be long-term and that will bring great benefits year after year, both for the economy, as well as the image of the country in the yachting world. We believe that the support will be equal in all the next stages of the development of this project that await us in the years ahead.

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