Employee’s Perspective: Adriatic 42, a haven of history and future

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Extensive preparations are currently underway at the Adriatic 42 in order to launch the first phase of the unique mega yacht repair and maintenance facility by the end of the year.

Employees of the business supported by the consortium Adriatic Marinas – Porto Montenegro and Drydocks World Dubai have made a significant contribution to facilitating the first yachts to be serviced and refurbished in Bijela.

Currently, more than 20 Montenegrins are engaged on the project, and the number is constantly growing as the business expands.

Employees best describe what it is like to be a member of the Adriatic 42 team. Shipbuilding is much more than just a career to them; it is a matter of tradition. It is a family inheritance for Siniša Todorović.

His entire family is retired from the shipyard; his grandfather, father, and mother all worked there in various roles.

Since then, he has followed in their footsteps and is now employed as an operator on the floating dock. He looks back on his youth with a warm smile, as well as the memories that led him to enrol in the Maritime Faculty.

“I grew up close to the shipyard, watching the ships come in for maintenance and daydreaming about the faraway oceans and seas they sailed.” Every siren of a ship leaving the shipyard satisfied was a thrill for the people of Bijela,” Todorović recalls.

Now, with Adriatic 42, he’ll have a major hand in boosting the renovation of the largest yachts in the world.

“The task I undertake includes raising and lowering the floating dock, as well as keeping the dock’s equipment and systems in good working order. ”

“The story of Adriatic 42 has only just begun, and Todorović says “I enjoy my job, and I see it as incredibly promising right now.”

Maja Kusturica is in charge of the company’s procurements. She rose to the position via hard work and a desire to improve.

“Initially, at the start of the Adriatic 42, I worked as an office assistant. This required a variety of responsibilities, including planning meetings, engaging in bids, dealing with subcontractors, and many more. I view that part of my job journey as a unique chance in which I made gradual progress. Now that I’m in charge of procurements, I see further possibility for growth and a move ahead in my career,” adds Kusturica.

She believes that there is no lack of motivation at Adriatic 42.

“Work, participation, sacrifice, and a willingness to work hard are all rewarded here.” When a dedicated worker’s efforts and accomplishments are acknowledged, an opportunity for growth will ultimately present itself. What most inspires me is the sense of unity that comes from overcoming challenges. “We’re all there for each other for work and companionship,” explains our interlocutor.

Ljiljana Premović, HR Manager at Adriatic 42, interacts regularly with coworkers and potential hires. According to her, they have the opportunity of a lifetime to enter the world of global yachting.

“Adriatic 42 offers Montenegrin sailors the option to continue their maritime tradition and career growth in their homeland, within a multinational organisation that adheres to the highest business standards. Drydocks World and DP World at Adriatic 42 adapt the highest standards of organisational culture to local requirements, which focuses primarily on the development of skills and training of personnel, who gain new knowledge at one of the most advanced shipyards in the world “explains Premović.

As she concludes, their ultimate common goal is to build a company that will boost the economy as well as the local community’s quality of life and work.

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